There are ways you can still serve even in the midst of COVIDE-19

  • UNITE714

    This initiative seeks to unite churches, pastors, leaders, and individuals across the globe to pray for a miraculous healing of our lands from the coronavirus and a spiritual awakening among the nations.  View this weeks prayer hereJOIN THE MOVEMENT.

    If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  • Pray Through The Passion

    Join us in Praying Through The Passion of Christ.  Download the READING PLAN.   Pick a time each day when you will stop to read and pray (let us know your plan by filling in our 24-hour prayer chart here).  Join us each evening from Sunday, April 5 to Saturday, April 11 at 6:00pm on Facebook Live as one of our staff members shares a devotion based on the daily passage. 

  • Prayer Huddles

    We often hear people say "I'll pray for you.  Let me know if there is anything else I can do" as if prayer is not enough.  Prayer is NOT the least we can do.  Now is a time for intense prayer.  We want to encourage you to be in prayer.  Here is a short prayer guide you can use: Pandemic Prayer.  We would encourage you to gather in groups of 2-3 for regular times of prayer.  Interested in joining a virtual prayer huddle?  Fill out this form: Prayer Huddle.

  • Elizabethtown COVID-19 Match Program

    Love your neighbor during COVID-19! Are you under 60 & willing to be matched with someone with high risk factors? Once a match is made, coordinate with your match to delivery essential supplies like food and prescriptions, and to check-in by phone or electronically.  Interested in helping? Need of a match? Fill out this form.

  • Feeding America

    Donate! Sadly, we can no longer volunteer because of COVID19 risks. This means that FA is doing lots more transportation & they are great in need of $$.  $1 buys 8 meals.  Any gift helps (270-735-1407).

  • Meal Delivery

    Hardin County School system is supplying meals to the elderly. DONATE, $3/lunch, by going to >support >donate. TAKE meals to elderly by meeting at New Highland Elementary School Mon ~ Fri, between 11am - 1pm.  For details, donations, and to volunteer, click senior meals

  • Helping Hand of Hope

    Helping Hand is seeing an influx of needs from clients they serve.  Items can be dropped off at Helping Hand.  Here is a list of items needed: gloves, masks, toilet paper, baby wipes, water, hand soap, hand sanitizer, body soap, tooth paste, cleaning supplies, thermometer, tuna, peanut butter, crackers, cereal, juice, etc.

  • I can help

    Now more than ever is the time to reach out to our neighbors.  Consider downloading this card to print off, fill out with your info, and give to your neighbors as an offer of help during this time:  I CAN HELP

  • Egg Your Neighbor's House

    This is probably the first time you've been encouraged to egg someone's house as a way of neighboring, but think about egging your neighbors with 12 eggs - 11 filled with candy and then the 12th egg empty other than scripture (Matthew 28:6, He Is RISEN!)  You can even encourage your neighbors to refill the eggs and egg someone else! Pretty soon our whole neighborhood has been egged!

    You've Been Egged (Version 1)

    You've Been Egged (Version 2)


    Mission Hope is providing meals to the at-risk kids they minister to who are home from school. NEEDED: boxes of oatmeal packets, cereal, granola, cereal bars, jellies & jams, peanut butter, brownie & cookie box mixes, canned meat, canned soups, cans or bags of fruit, pasta hamburger helper, pasta sauce, utter packages, loaves of bread, gallons of milk.