Small Group resources

This page will be full of resources for you, our small group leaders.  We want to give you all the resources you need to succeed at what you do.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns please contact me - or 270-872-8021

  • Church Calendar

    Small Groups are the heartbeat of Grace Heartland Church.  As a group leader you need to be informed of what's going on.  Here is the big picture of what's happening at GHC in 2020.  To download the church calendar, click here.  Please watch for more details on events as they get closer.  Please share with your small group, particularly as these events apply to your group.

  • Jesus People

    To say we live in the midst of division is an understatement...even Christians find themselves disagreeing with one another and the world keeps stoking that division because that is what the enemy wants. It is time for us – Jesus followers – to renew our understanding of the one thing that can bring people together and that is Jesus! The world desperately needs to see an example of people uniting together in the midst of their differences and no one does that better than Jesus people. Let’s dig into some key scriptures this month that remind us of who we are and whose we are!!

    Bible Reading Plan

    Our Tribe/Every Nation_November 1

    One Lord/Know Jesus_November 8

    One Focus/Be Prepared_November 15

    Our Attitude/Be Thankful_November 22

  • Jesus Is...

    Chances are when you hear the name Jesus you have an image that comes to mind. As we prepare for Christmas celebrating that Christ has come and looking forward to the promise that he will come again, we want to spend four weeks painting a clearer picture of who Jesus is that reminds us of our desperate need for Him, now and in His return.   This is WHO Jesus is and what He has come to do: To instill Hope in the midst of hopelessness, Peace in the midst of chaos and strife, Love in the midst of hatred and bitterness, and Joy in the midst of a world filled with discontent and anger.  

    Jesus Is Sermon Discussion Guide

  • RightNow Media

    RightNow Media is a great resource with literally thousands of studies available to your small group as you seek to dive into God's word together.  If you have not already set up a free account please to do.  Encourage the members of your small group to do so as well.  You can set up your account through our church app or by following the link:

    My Current Top 5 Studies on RightNow:

    1.  The Book of Judges by J.D. Greear

    2.  The Book of Mark by Francis Chan

    3.  To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler

    4.  It Starts At Home (Learning To Confidently Teach Your Kids About God) by Matt Chandler

    5.  God's At War by Kyle Idleman