Sunday Service: 8:30, 9:45, 11am

A Community of Christ Followers

On Mission to the World.






We seek to be genuine followers of Jesus Christ. We look at the church in the New Testament, in the book of Acts. In their story we see that they had three heartbeats: loving Jesus, one another, and all people.

Loving Jesus Passionately

The first Christians loved Jesus more than life. We pursue His presence above all else. Grace Heartland is passionate about Jesus and it drives our worship of Him and our desire to know Him.

Loving One Another Unconditionally

Our love for Jesus overflows into an unconditional love for one another.  Our relationship with Jesus makes us family. We work together to join Christ in His mission.

Loving People Sacrificially

Loving Jesus and one another compels us to love all people. We love people in our neighborhood, in our nation, and  to all around the world.

These three relationships allow us to be:

A Community of Christ Followers on Mission to the World.  


We cultivate authentic, biblical worship. We engage the arts and creative worship experiences for God’s glory and our joy.
At Grace Heartland we value truth over trend, authenticity over performance, relationship over results, excellence over perfection, relevance over tradition, creativity over complacency, and Jesus above all.

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